The SEE Platform is a network of 11 European partners engaging with national and regional governments to integrate design into innovation policies and innovation programmes.


Between 2012 and 2015, SEE is operating as part of the European Commission’s European Design Innovation Initiative (EDII). Through the EDII, the European Commission seeks to embed design for user-centred innovation in government policies and company strategies across the European Union.


The consortium has already engaged over 800 public officials in thematic workshops on the themes of Design Policy, Design Support, Service Design, Social Design and Design Management. As a result of policy-makers participating in SEE workshops, engagement by SEE partners and drawing on SEE research, design now features in at national level  policies in Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Greece as well as at regional level in Wales (UK), South Bohemia (Czech Republic), Greater Copenhagen (Denmark), Central Finland, Central Macedonia (Greece), Ljubljana Urban Region (Slovenia), Malopolskie and Silesia (Poland). In addition to influencing 17 policies, SEE has resulted in the implementation of 40 new design-related programmes. This amounts to new investment in design programmes of over €6.2 million. 


Through new research, workshops for policy-makers and programme managers, case studies, policy recommendations and the annual Design Policy Monitor, SEE aims to build a bank of evidence to support public authorities to integrate design into their mainstream practice. To enquire about having a SEE workshop in your country email info@seeplatform.eu.  


It is the European Commission’s vision that “by 2020, design is a full acknowledged, well-known, well-recognised element of innovation policy across Europe” (Peter Dröll, European Commission, speaking at the SEE conference, 29 March 2011). The SEE Platform, led by Design Wales at Cardiff Metropolitan University, will help to realise this vision through the following activities:

- 80 workshops delivered to innovation policy-makers and programme managers across Europe on themes such as design policy, business support, service innovation, social innovation and academia-industry collaboration. To receive news about upcoming SEE workshops subscribe online.

- 5 policy booklets with policy recommendations on the themes of design policy, business support, service innovation, social innovation and academia-industry collaboration.

- 3 Design Policy Monitors (annual) to examine current and emerging trends in design policies and programmes across Europe.

- 60 presentations at innovation network meetings to enhance the understanding of design among innovation audiences.

- 44 case studies related to design and innovation policies and programmes to encourage the exchange of good practice between regions.

- 6 bulletins containing research, case studies, policy updates and resources from around the world.  


SEE is an open network that is looking to provide support to actors seeking to develop design programmes and integrate design into innovation policy. As an ultimate goal, SEE expects to be able to further accelerate the integration of design into innovation policies and programmes across Europe.


SEE Platform Partnership


Design Wales / Cardiff Metropolitan University (Lead Partner)

Design Flanders

Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia (RERA)            

Danish Design Centre

Estonian Design Centre

Aalto University School of Art and Design

JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Business and Cultural Development Centre (KEPA)

Northern & Western Regional Assembly

Castle Cieszyn

Design Council


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Between 2008 and 2011 SEE was co-financed by INTERREG IVC through the European Regional Development Fund. For more information  about the SEE project click here and to view the SEE project partnership click here





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